Disney Princess Guide

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How many parents listen to their kids talk for hours about their favorite Disney princess? Little girls love what they wear, what they do, and what they look like. This guide is to help you understand and play more effectively with your children by getting to know the main Disney princesses better.

1. Cinderella
Disnye’s Cinderella had a wonderful father, but when her mother died, he married a wicked stepmother. Following his death, her step-mother and step-sisters make her do all of the chores and treated her as a slave. When the chance for a ball came, her fairy Godmother came and dressed her with her signature blue dress with her long blonde hair pulled up to a bun on the top of her head, and glass slippers on her feet. She danced with the Prince and they fell in love instantly. When the clock struck midnight she was changed back to a pauper and left her slipper behind. The Prince searched the city to find her and when he did, they married. She is very soft spoken, demure, and kind, even to those who mistreated her.

2. Snow White
Disney’s Snow white has pale white skin, shoulder length black hair and a beautiful singing voice. She is the most beautiful in the land. Snow white has a red and yellow dress, is kind to animals and people. She loves the Seven Dwarfs and the birds and animals in the forest. Her wicked step-mother sees her through a magic mirror on the wall and brings a poisonous apple hoping to take her place as the most beautiful un the land. The plan seemingly works when she falls dead after trusting the evil queen who turned herself into a poor old woman. Snow white takes one bite of the apple and faints to the floor. She is found by the dwarfs and was though to be dead. They placed her in a glass coffin, until a handsome prince riding through the forest sees her and kisses her back to life.

3. Sleeping Beauty (Aurora/Briar Rose)
Disney’s Sleeping Beauty has beautiful long blonde hair and a dark pink dress. “The evil Maleficent curses Princess Aurora at birth to die on her sixteenth birthday by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel. Three good fairies try to help Aurora avoid this fate by altering the curse’s effect and hiding her in a forest under the assumed name of Briar Rose” (SparkleNotes). The curse is unavoidable and she dies when she reaches sixteen. Prince Phillip kisses her and brings her back to life and they fall in love.

4. Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Disney’s Belle is a French princess whose name means “beauty”. She is the most beautiful in her village, but is modest and does not care about the outward appearance, which the town people find strange. Belle is educated, well read, witty, and adventurous and has beautiful long brown hair and brown eyes. She falls in love with a “beast” after being forced to live with him to save her beloved father’s life. The beast is under a spell and appears as a monster, but when Belle looks beyond the outward appearance and falls in love with him, he turns into a handsome prince and she saves him from certain death.

5. Ariel from the Little Mermaid
Disney’s Ariel is the daughter of an undersea king and is desperate to see what life is like on land. She has a beautiful singing voice and beautiful red flowing hair and big blue eyes. She collects items from sea boats and keeps them an underground cavern and saves the life of a handsome man from land and falls in love with him. A wicked sea witch named Ursula gives Ariel legs in exchange for her beautiful voice. Ariel goes to land with her new legs and sees the man she saved, Eric, a prince on land, and instantly falls in love, but she has to get him to notice her even though she can not speak. Ursula ties to foil her plan, but her sea friends save the day and Ariel and Prince Eric get married.

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Disney Savings Guide Review

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When you get ready to go on vacation with your family, there are several places you would love to go. On the top of that list it’s always a blast to take your kids to Disney.  Now you have a great way to go to Disney and save money.  As a comparison a family who didn’t use the savings guide spent over $5000, while the family that got this savings guide only paid $2,700.  What a savings, that extra money you can buy souvenirs with.

It’s an outstanding way to be able to visit Disney and save a bunch of cash.  Go out for nicer dinners while you’re in Orlando, or just take your spouse out for a romantic dinner while the kids relax in the hotel room.  In the guide there is a hotel room that is five stars usually a 10 day stay will cost $3,100, but with the guide you will only pay $1,130.  What a deal a huge savings for a five star hotel!

This guide will provide you with 9 steps to try, you should be able to pay for your vacation and not charge up your credit cards.  Plus there are great deals on tickets, and hopper tickets too it’s a great way to be able to see all the different sections of Disney on your vacation.  You will find savings on airline tickets also to help you get out there to enjoy your vacation.  In this guide you will also be given ideas of what to do if it is rainy.  Other great attractions available for you to see in and around Orlando.  There are savings on some of those attractions too.  This guide has it all, with this guide you will save money, and have a bunch of ways to stay busy and have fun.

Again to get your very own Disney Savings Guide.  Not only are there ways to save at Disney, but hotels, airline tickets, and a bunch of other things.  If you’re looking for someplace to eat while at Orlando, check the savings guide for coupons that you can use.  Also given in the savings guide are some great shortcuts or hidden entrances to some of the attractions.  It’s a great way to cut out a bunch of waiting time in line.

Get the best deals out there by getting your very own Disney Savings Guide.  Save money and have fun each and everyday that your on vacation.   Experience everything but pay less than those who don’t have this guide.  Saving money is always a great thing, there are many other ways that you will be able to use that money you have saved on your family vacation.

How great would it be to pay for your vacation ahead of time and not run up those credit card bills? No one in their right mind would want to miss out on the savings you can find in this guide.  So get your very own guide at http://www.disneysavingsguide.info  and go to Disney this year.

Disney Vacation Rental Homes – Disney Discount Guide

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A trip to the spectacular world of Walt Disney can be the trip of a lifetime but can be very costly. Hotels at Disney World are beautiful but quite expensive. When you stay at one of these hotels it also means that you most likely will be dining at the hotel, and this can add to your expenses. There are also several opportunities to spend extra money as you are tempted by the merchandise at the souvenir shops and boutiques. A Disney discount guide can show you ways to save money on your trip to Disneyworld.

One of the ways to cut costs is to rent a vacation home or a condo instead of staying at a hotel.

There are several vacation rentals such as condos, apartments and homes available in the Orlando and the Kissimmee areas. They are very cheap compared to staying on site and the locations are close enough to the parks but provide the ability to be able to dine in more reasonable restaurants and have a lot more space.

Online you can find many sites that rent out vacation homes and condos. The majority of these are privately owned and owners utilize websites to rent the venues. The costs can vary from $75 per night for a furnished 2 bedroom condo to $375 for a 7 bedroom, 6 bathroom house. There is always a kitchen area, living area and a minimum of 2 bathrooms.

Some additional fees and taxes may apply such as cleaning fees, damage deposit, rental tax and processing fees but the overall costs will still be much less than a single room on the Disney parks or resort areas. For a longer stay of over 5 nights the price will be cheaper and more affordable compared to a shorter stay which can become unaffordable with the additional charges.

Get breakfast in the kitchen before you start off the day and at night you can even make your own dinner rather than eat out again. Restaurant meals are fine in limited quantities but you can get fed up quite quickly. Additional benefits can include a private pool, game room, spa, bathroom, kitchen, washer, dryer and garage. There will also be a lot of sheets and towels as well as dishes, cutlery, mini appliances and pots on site. Most homes also have laundry detergent, coffee, dish washing materials and trash bags to start you off but you may need to bring some of your own supplies.

While a Disney Hotel is special and well designed it is at the end of a long day just a place to sleep. Two beds, a bathroom, closet and dresser. The ambiance is nice but most of the fun is in the sights and attractions. A Disney discount guide will show you many more ways that you can save big on your Disneyworld vacation.

A trip to Disneyworld can indeed be the trip of the lifetime for most families and is considered among the top vacation destinations in the world; but it can also be very expensive.

Our [http://www.disney-discounts.net]Disney Discount Guide will show you the best way to turn an expensive Disney vacation into a much cheaper Disney vacation. If you follow our money saving strategies, you are guaranteed to save thousands of dollars or more on your trip to the Wonderful World of Disney.