Prepare For Your Disney World Visit

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As we draw closer to the schools summer holidays, Orlando will inevitably be a dream holiday destination for many. You wouldn’t be able to comprehend the number of visitors I have spoke to that have visited WDW during the high season, whether that be summer, Easter or Christmas and really weren’t prepared for the crowds. This usually leads to those folks having a disappointing trip. Here’s some advice.

Back in the day, you had quiet times at Walt Disney World. You could guarantee that if you turned up in March the parks would be quiet. To a lesser extent this is still true, and I would still recommend avoiding all school and public holidays if at all possible. What Disney World and the other theme parks in the area now regularly doing is holding special events at the parks to draw in the visitors even during quieter times. For example Star Wars Weekends and Super Soap Weekends are huge crowd pullers. So, I’d say prepare for Disney World to be busy. If they’re not then great, but if they are you’ll already have the upper hand.

So what planning trips should you take on board?

The Disney World maps are freely downloadable online with information about each attraction. So find out what attractions your party want to ride before you go and visit these rides as a priority, fitting in the other attractions when you can.

I still find it unbelievable that people visit the Disney parks and don’t make full use of Fastpass, Disney’s virtual queuing system that gives you a time to return to the attraction and ride with a minimum wait. Make sure you use this. If you’re unfortunate enough to not be able to get a Fastpass some attraction do have single rider lines, so if you are not bothered about who you sit with take advantage of this.

Above all, make sure you get to the park before the official scheduled opening time. Sometimes the parks open prior to this time so you can get a headstart on the other visitors. Beyond that, remember any plan isn’t set in stone, so be flexible and have fun.

Disney Land Park Tips

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So you decided to go to Disney Land Park? Great decision. Holidays at Disney are always a great way to spend the festivities and have a lovely time with your family. As may already know Disney is a big corporation and you can find many different disney parks. From Disney land to Disney world, you can choose many locations around the world. I have to confess I’m a disney land fanatic, I love it , and if you are going with your kdis, you will have a lovely time. Disney is one of that parks that many times adults enjoy more and even the kids.

Usually when you buy a ta disney land park ticket you need to keep in mind the ticket is for a full day and that means that you should take as much advantage as possible for the money you are paying. This mean: wake up early and try to arrive to the park as pronto as possible. Disney land parks open pretty early and usually close late at night time after their last show and their fireworks.

To buy tickets you can usually check places like Ebay, trust me you can get great deals from Auction sites. The reason is simple to understand, many families face sometimes personal problems and they need to cancel their holidays and the tickets can’t be refunded. That’s why this tickets usually go for a very good price.

You can find disney land tickets for all the disney parks including Los Angeles, Orlando, Florida, Hong Kong, and Paris. Regarless the park you want to book, it is clear that it is a good investment.

Tickets are not expensive at all, but if why not trying to safe money in the entry and then expend the rest with your family.

Always remember that the whole disney experience is not cheap ,and sometimes the basic things can be very expensive, like drinks, ice creams and snacks. So be smart and take some food with you and try to explain to your kids that they can’t buy all the toys in the stores. Make with them a plan and try to explain them they are only allowed to buy one toy from the disney stores locates in the park.

Disney is all about imagination and if you plan your trip well and get the tickets that you need , fro sure will have a great day out. One of the best advices I ever got was to plan your route around the park, so try not to take the most logical route. The reason? well, the answer is pretty obvious: almost all the tourist take the easiest route, and if you just follow them, you will face longer waiting time to enter the rides and shows.

So why not starting from the back?
Try to take a train or minibus as soon as you enter the park and tackle the park from back to front, in that way you avoid the rush, the long waiting time and you have more time to enjoy a larger number of attactions.

7 Tips To Enjoy Walt Disney World On A Hot Summer Day

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Orlando is a hot part of the earth and come summer the humidity and temperature can reach triple digits. Worse still, weeks of heat occur exactly when school is out and families head to Walt Disney World. No one in her right frame of mind considers heat, humidity and crowd a great combo, but with some planning, your family’s summer vacation to Disney World can still be fun.

Staying at an on-property Disney hotel is a good start. You can commute to the parks in air-conditioned comfort using Disney bus, monorail or water transportation. This is definitely a better choice than driving a car that has been baking in the sun for hours.

Another incentive for staying on a Disney property is that you can take advantage of the Extra Magic Hour. On designated days, a Walt Disney World theme park will open an hour early for Disney Resort guests only. With that extra hour, you have time to take a break during the afternoon for a swim or a nap. Some resorts even have water activities, such as water skiing and surfing lessons, which are perfect for a hot day.

Pack a few water-mister fans. These little gizmo’s are life-savers. It’s fun to buy the Mickey version in the park, but why pay $15 a pop if you can get them at Wal-Mart for $4.95 each? Kids will be fighting over them, so getting a few of them cheaply and packing additional batteries to go is a smart choice.

If you have a Park-Hopper Pass, cool down by visiting the water parks. Both Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon offer lots of fun for the whole family in the form of slides or raft rides. The water parks get crowded in a hot day pretty fast, so if you arrive at 11 am or after, expect plenty of queuing in the hot sun.

This is obvious, but crucial to mention nonetheless: dress light and wear sandals. Most theme-park guidebooks advise proper shoes and socks, but with the heat and humidity, wrapping your feet in socks isn’t actually going to help.

Remember to drink plenty of water. If someone in your group does get dehydrated, get to the First Aid Station. Each Disney theme park has one.

This is the best tip, which is why I’m saving it for the last. If you have tots, let them set the pace. Kids get cranky easily in the heat. This is more so considering that while you are looking at castles, they are in a hot stroller with nothing interesting at eye level. So if the kids are tired, head to somewhere with air-conditioning, have a break in a restaurant, or do anything that allows everyone to cool down.

Best Time To Go To Disney World

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When deciding on the best time for you and your family to visit Disney World, the main issue is usually the crowds. When visiting any major theme park, you are going to experience large crowds; And since Disney World is the most popular theme park in the world, there is hardly a day at the park without large crowds. If you do your research, you can find certain times of the year, January and September for example, that are less busy at Disney World. Even though you may enjoy shorter lines during these times, there are downsides to going at these less busy times of the year. For one, Disney has more festivities planned during certain times of the year like Christmas and New Years. For many people, it is worth fighting the crowds to be at Disney World during these times of major festivities.

Crowds are not the only factor when deciding on the best time to visit Disney World. It is also a good idea to take the weather into account. Many people assume that any time of the year is perfect weather in Florida but that is definitely not the case. The summer time can bring extreme heat and severe thunderstorms to the Orlando area that can ruin your day at Disney World. The brief showers are usually a great time to go inside and take a break. Some of the best weather at Disney World comes in the evening with mild temperatures so make sure to rest up during the day so you’re ready to go out at night.

Other tips to keep in mind when planning a trip to Disney World:

– If you are ok with taking your kids out of school for a trip, do it! Any time other kids are at school is a great time to go to Disney World because you can expect smaller crowds and shorter lines

– Keep a close eye on park opening and closing times so you can take advantage of late nights and early starts

– Two weeks after the Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to go to Disney World because the crowds are minimal and the Christmas decorations are already up.

So when is the best time to go to Disney World? When it’s called the happiest place on Earth, every day of the year is the best time to go.

Tips for Planning an Awesome Disney Vacation

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Going on a vacation to Disneyland?  Whether it’s a family vacation or a trip with friends, a visit to Disneyland is always cause for excitement.  What better way to make sure your visit is perfect than with proper planning?  Planning is a big part of having an awesome Disney vacation and you should never be too sure or too busy to make time for it.  Here’s how:     Timing is important. Plan your Disney vacation during a time when weather is comfortable and friendly.  The summer may not be the best choice of all because it’s usually hot and humid. And then there are those unpredictable summer storms that appear out of nowhere.  Spring is usually the loveliest time of the year to visit or maybe October to have an awesome Disney vacation.

If you want to avoid the crowd, late November and early December will usually have smaller-than-usual number of visitors.  You’ll love the short lines and short waiting time to get to the rides and entertainment.  But if summer is the only time you can go, don’t worry you can still have an awesome Disney vacation.  There will be a lot of people, but Disney is quite efficient and effective in handling big crowds to make sure you will have an awesome Disney vacation.

Book ahead of time. It’s only logical to get your bookings way ahead.  Call your travel agent or your favorite airline and get your reservations in place.  That way you can schedule your flight at a time that is best for you and you will surely have an awesome Disney vacation. You should also get in touch with the hotel where you will be staying.  If you’re going during peak seasons, you might have trouble finding a vacant room, so make sure you call ahead of time.  Your airline and hotel might even throw in a good early bird discount.

Have a budget. Disneyland has dozens of wonderful places to go and visit and thousands of reasons to make you want to spend.  A family of four will spend about $1,600 for a week of fun, including hotel room and entrance tickets if you buy during value season.  If staying offsite seems less expensive, check out the hotels that are conveniently located.  Figure in your expenses for meals, gas and a rental car. You have lots of options, so make sure to shop around to have an awesome Disney vacation.

Learn about Disneyland. Disneyland has four amazing places you can go to on a vacation: Magic  Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and MGM Studios.  All of these means there are a lot of things you can do in so many places… and a lot of money to spend on souvenirs and gifts.  That is why it’s important that you learn about Disneyland, what it offers and what you want to do to have an awesome Disney vacation.

Find out about the most popular rides and entertainment and the times during the day when they are packed.  You can avoid long queues by knowing which rides have more crowds and which rides don’t.  To have an awesome Disney vacation, it’s also important that you learn what time the park opens (so you can go in early) and what time it closes.  The water parks are quite popular and will have long queues by noontime. Animal Kingdom closes early so you might want to schedule your visit early during the day.

Take it easy. There are so many things to see and you can’t realistically enjoy them all in one day.  A great thing to do is to go to the parks early, take the most popular rides and go back to take a rest in your hotel or resort at noon time when the sun is hottest. When you are well rested and refreshed, return to the parks in the late afternoons or early evening.  Better yet, learn to use common Disney tools such as the transportation system and Fastpass strategically to ensure you will have an awesome Disney vacation.

Enjoy yourself. Learn to improvise. You’re there for an awesome Disney vacation and with so much happening at the same time; something just might not go as well as planned.  If this happens, relax.  Don’t let a small glitch ruin your Disney vacation.  Have fun with your family and enjoy an awesome Disney vacation.

You don’t have to be rich to have an extravagant Disney world vacation. Did you know that you can have an awesome Disney vacation for a fraction of what others pay? Discover the best tips, tricks, savings and strategies that can literally save you hundreds-if not thousands of dollars for a Disney vacation visit Disney Vacation And Savings Travel Guide at []All About Home and Family

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Money Saving Tips To A Magical Disneyland Trip

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Is it not everybody’s dream to go to Disneyland and pose with Mickey?
As they, Christmas is really for the kids, and those who are kids at heart. (Guilty of that!) And one of the top hotspots at this time of the year for the young at heart is the infamous Disneyland.

Childhood escapade

My mom took me there when I was 8 years old. Old enough to remember the trip but still young enough to be obedient to not let go of her hand so I won’t be lost in the crowd. Went there after Thanksgiving. Disneyland was like a real-life child’s dreamland. Back then,I felt it was larger than life, like a big and wide playground with all the castles and rides and that the cartoon characters were my playmates.


Not only are airfares costly these days, more so if you’re thinking of going to Disneyland outside U.S. Airfares don’t come in a few bucks especially if you have a couple of kids to take with you. Also, you have to allot for souvenirs, food and and as well as hotel accommodations. Here are money saving tips to make your trip to the big D hassle-free and budget-friendly.

1. Take advantage of their vacation packages

Disneyland’s vacation packages offer a great ease to the stress of how can you actually go to Disneyland. All you need is fill out their online booking form.

2. Plan ahead

Now, operative word here is ahead. A month is a safe time frame. This gives you time to make the necessary arrangements, like for you to file a leave at work or at school for your kids, or to let your relatives know of your vacation. This gives time to also make adjustments for your monthly payments such as mortgage, electricity, and home bills and
your credit card bills. Ultimately, this will give you time to save money for the most-awaited trip.

3. Call your travel agent, early

This makes sense if you’re unsure of how to navigate Disneyland’s online booking site. Again, a month’s time is the safest.

4. Go with the rush

They have lower rates during peak seasons. I know reverse psychology tells us to go off-season. But in this case, the Disneyland amusement parks and the partner hotels do offer more affordable rates, more so for families and big groups during peak season. Just take note of the one month’s notice.

Money well spent

After all the fuss, every dollar that you’ll be spending will be worth it. Your kids will not be the only ones who’ll be having the time of their lives but you’ll enjoy the most as well. You’ll wear the mickey hats and scream at the rides. Most of all, with these money saving tips, you’ll not worry of an empty wallet after going to the place dubbed as the happiest place on earth.

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Tips For a Fun Disneyland Vacation

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Disneyland is often a dream vacation for many kids and for parents alike. Make your trip fun and easy by following a few simple suggestions in this Guide.

Before you go on your vacation, check out the software called Ridemax. You simply plug in which rides you would like to go on and it prints out a schedule for you with the order and time you should go on the ride. It takes into account when lines are the smallest, so you really maximize your time. Ridemax does not take the spontaneity out of the trip, it just makes it more manageable.

Make sure you stay at a hotel that is across the street, or closer. Parking in the Disney parking lot is $59 per day (the same price as kids admission), so you don’t want to have to pay that much or be a slave to a shuttle. It is best stay within walking distance. Once you make it to the parking lot, you can hop on a tram to the front gates. The parking lot is huge, so it’s a long walk in itself. Save you legs for walking around Disneyland itself.

Bring snacks and water bottles in a backpack with you to the park to avoid the astronomical prices of food. Things like granola bars, fruit leather, crackers, nuts, peanut butter sandwiches and such work well. Don’t bring anything that can melt. If you fly to LA, you can pack a suitcase with just food or if you drive you can stop at a store outside of Anaheim or bring food from home.

Nearly everyone at Disneyland is wearing some type of character clothes. Buy one for each day locally before you come to California. Kmart is a great place to buy Mickey and Pooh t-shirts for girls or boys, at the bargain price of under $10 each. Most little girls wear their princess dresses all day around the park. Disney Princess dresses at the park run anywhere from $60-$100 each, so make sure you buy them one for each day before your vacation. You should expect to pay $20-$40 for a good quality dress. You will see many boys with their pirate clothes and pirate hats on. You can buy these in advance as well.

If you have little girls, the highlight of your vacation will be dinner with the Disney Princesses. The food is actually reasonable and the atmosphere is wonderful. Make sure your child wears her princess dress to the dinner. During the dinner, princesses like Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Snow White, and others will come to your table, talk individually with your child, and even sit with you for a while. As they leave they can take a picture with Ariel (she can’t walk around during the dinner because she has fins and not legs).

If you have little boys, make sure you visit Tarzan’s Tree house and let them climb trees to their hearts content. Little boys who are in to pirates, will also like the ride Pirates of the Caribbean. Make sure they wear their pirate costume and pirate hat on the ride for extra excitement.

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